Transformation from iOS 6 to iOS7


iOS 6


iOS 7

The initial transformation even before customising the app is to decide whether to use the iOS6 code or completely start a new project from scratch for iOS7 version. It took me a while to figure out the ideal solution. A couple of points made my decision go easier,

  • apple made people with older iOS versions to download the old version of apps from the App Store. this is handled all by default. So people with iOS6 cans still download the old version of Pocket Radio v2.0 from the app store.
  • As I followed MVC in my code it made my job easy to separate “view” related code and bring all controller and model logic into my new iOS 7 project easier.
  • As of now 85% of iOS users have already adopted to iOS 7, this makes any iOS 6 specific code legacy.

By considering all these points thought it is better to start iOS7 Pocket radio v3.0 from scratch and also avoided me to use all those iOS6 specific flags in my code and made it look more clean.

So far looks like an ideal solution to me.

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