R&D through some meet ups in London


Yes, been to few iOS developer meet ups those were held in London. Some of them were informative and some of them were not, making a decision to attend these meet ups depends on your location and your personal interest.  All these meet ups are held during the evenings on working days, so if you live in central london you can make it. 

#App Junction Meet up
I came to know about this meet up on LinkedIn at first and later followed them on meetup.com. It was held near Farringdon, London. I met a few small business people who are curious to know about mobile app development and how can their business benefit from it and met a few developers. I liked two apps among all the six presentations Magic wand app and bit.ly app. 

Things i’ve learned by attending this meet up:
#springboar( ); : This was my personal favourite.Have a look at them http://www.f6s.com/springboardmobile2012
Thats is all. 

Personally i felt it more commercial meet up than a technical meet up, i am kind of disappointed with this fact. I was looking for a more technical developers  to share their thoughts.

#Lidg (London iOS Developers Group)
This is a fantastic meet up i came across in lanyrd.com. It was held in apple store, Regent Street, London. There were two presentations one is about Static Libraries by @danielctull and other is about Gamecenter/GameKit by Chris Greening ‏@MrBananas .
Both of these presentations are very brief but substantially informative. I am looking into getting my brains around 2D gaming in COCOS2D , and chris greening presentation was perfect for that. I never knew how easy it is to integrate GameCenter Api’s inside your app and how to deal with connections issues in multiplayer gaming. @danielctull was good explaining the basics of creating staticlibraries and couple of pitfalls developers need to avoid. I appreciate iOS developers coming forward and sharing their thoughts. 

I would like to see these kind of meet ups more in future.

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