New Mac app


JIRA at my work place is sluggish and every time I want to pick up a new issue that assigned to me or even take a peek of my list of issues it eats lot of my time.

Necessity is the mother of invention. I have decided to make new Mac app system bar app that basically gets my open issues from JIRA in the background. So when ever I click on it the issues are already fetched and waiting for me to pick them up. You can have a RSS feed do the same thing, but you can get more precise control if you decide to use filters to get something else from JIRA. Moreover there isn’t any dedicated free JIRA Mac apps available and this can be start to one.

Process of solving:
Moving from iOS to Mac Development is smooth, I was surprised to see how much of Mac development i already know before even reading the documentation. In fact I used the same API client I was using for Mac without even changing a single line. This opened a new world to explore and best of it is you are already familiar with objects you see in here.

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