What is Cocos2D?
It is an Objective-C wrapper to do some cool animations and write awesome 2D games.
Why Cocos2d?
Its Objective-C. For me I don’t need an another reason why not.

Cocos2d makes your job easier to make 2d games, sometimes it makes a lot easier than you ever imagined. There are millions of conventional resources like cocos2d official documentation, books, epubs. etc,. also non-conventional resources like youtube tutorials where you can learn from.
Coding experience is no different from what you do on native iOS as Cocos2d is all written in objective-C. It also contains two physics engines Box2D and chipmunk, each got its own pros and cons. Box2D is written in obj-c and chipmunk is in C++(AFAIK).
The mockup I worked on is very simple and definitely won’t go the appstore as I don’t want to fill the appstore with silly apps. This app is designed only to explore the cocos2d framework and i guess it helped very well.

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